Allison Lerman, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

180 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 302  Chicago, IL  60601         (312) 806-0606

My Approach to Psychotherapy and the
Types of Patients and Problems that I Treat...

My Approach to Psychotherapy

  • The right fit between therapist and patient is essential to the success of any treatment.  This fit is affected, in part, by a therapist’s style and approach to therapy.  As a therapist, I am friendly, easy to talk with, and knowledgeable.  In order to help my patients feel as safe and comfortable as possible, I work hard to foster a trusting and empathic atmosphere. 


  • In initial sessions, and throughout treatment, I will actively work to obtain a thorough understanding of your current difficulties, needs and concerns.  I believe that positive change is achieved by attaining increased insight into the origins of one’s problems, by gaining self-awareness and by learning new patterns of relating to others.

The Types of Patients and Problems that I Treat

  • In my practice I provide individual psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults


  • I am adept and have received training in the treatment of patients with the following presenting concerns
    • difficulties developing and maintaining healthy, satisfying relationships
    • low self-esteem
    • depression
    • irritability 
    • anxiety
    • trauma and history of abuse 
    • eating issues and body image concerns
    • shyness and excessive self-consciousness
    • coping with life changes and transitions
    • grief and loss


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